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Have you ever thought about how you know what time it is? Follow our instructions to make your own sundial.

Step 1: Cut

Cut out the clock face. 

Step 2: Tape or Glue

Tape or glue the clock face to the back of the paper plate. 

Step 3: Make Space

With help from an adult, create a hole in the center of the clock face with your pencil or scissors.

Step 4: Almost there!

Stick a pencil through the hole. 

Step 5: Go outside and test your sundial!

Point the 12 on the clock face to north by using a compass. The shadow cast by the pencil will show you what time it is.


The Mansion Sundial

George Washington valued time management. He had a sundial mounted atop a white painted wood post. It was placed the center of the lawn in front of his mansion, the sundial was a visual reminder of the time to anyone who passed it.

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