Bee Keeping was a very important part of life at Mount Vernon during George Washington’s time. Bees provided honey and beeswax. They also helped pollinate plants so that fruits, vegetables, and flowers could grow.

Step 1: Color

Color your bee puppet.


Step 2: Cut the template

Cut out the bee puppet.


Step 3: Give Your Bee Antennae

Make the antennae: Bend one pipe cleaner in half, and tape it to the back of the bee’s head.



Step 4: Give Your Bee Wings

Make the wings: Gently fold the other two pipe cleaners into a heart-like shape to form the wings. Tape the end of the pipe cleaners to the back of the bee’s body.


Step 5: Finish Your Puppet

Tape the popsicle stick to the back of the bee’s body.



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