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Complete the Summative Assessment below by answering the Compelling Question using evidence from the lesson. If time allows, complete the Take Action! activity.

Why was ice cream an exclusive treat at Mount Vernon long ago?

What information from the lesson supports the question above? Use evidence from the multiple sources you have analyzed to support your answer. Your answer can be in the form of a detailed paragraph or drawing. Use an additional sheet of paper as necessary.

Take Action!

How did Mount Vernon operate? Create a newscast to make people aware of how Mount Vernon operated in 1799. Be sure to talk about the contributions and limitations of people who were enslaved at Mount Vernon. If possible, record your newscast for your classmates and teachers to view.

The following questions can help guide your newscast for your school news:

• Who operated Mount Vernon?
• What were some of the tasks that went into operating Mount Vernon?

The following checklist will help you create your newscast:

□ The introduction is memorable.
□ The newscast conveys the story in a smooth and engaging style.
□ The newscast has appropriate evidence from primary and secondary sources placed seamlessly throughout.
□ The newscast has a concise conclusion.
□ The speaker masterfully uses speaking rate, volume, and inflection.
□ The student effectively uses body language, such as eye contact, posture, and gestures.

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