Mount Vernon is open to visitors throughout the inauguration week.  We look forward to seeing you.

About the Fellowships

The Life Guard Teacher Fellowship Program began in 2013 to support the creation of classroom materials and teacher resources about the life, legacy, and leadership of George Washington. The Reese Fellowship Program began in 2017 to support increased student engagement with 18th-century sources by connecting high school students with print and handwritten primary sources. Fellows work closely with the staff at the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington as they research and produce work to be distributed to a national audience.

These funded research opportunities are available to exceptional classroom teachers (grades K-12), curriculum specialists, media specialists, and to those engaged in university-level teacher training or non-profit educational resources development. 

We will not be accepting applications for 2020-2021 Fellowships as we focus on existing projects in progress. Please contact Zerah Jakub, Manager of Education Communication and Outreach, with questions about Teacher Fellowships. 

The Facilities and Resources

The Fred W.Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington
Teacher Fellows will enjoy unparalleled access to the extensive resources of the new 45,000 square‐foot Washington Library. Fellows also benefit from the support of specially trained Library staff members who can connect them with other invaluable resources for research. Located just outside the main entrance to the estate, the Library is designed to house and safeguard original Washington documents and other materials from the founding era, as well as contemporary research tools and resources.

George Washington's Mount Vernon 
By living and working on George Washington’s estate, fellows will also enjoy the opportunity to connect and collaborate with Mount Vernon’s onsite experts in early American history, preservation, archaeology, and other relevant fields, as well as the scholars who frequently visit for lectures, research, educational programs, and other purposes.

DeVos House Scholars' Residence
As part of the award package, fellows will have the opportunity to reside in the DeVos House, a scholars’ residence located just 150 feet west of the Library entrance. The building has accommodations for eight scholars, a kitchen, and a living/dining area. 

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