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The resources on this page have been selected to support teacher and student needs. For other related teacher and student tips and tools—look for the pencil symbol throughout the Mount Vernon website.

George Washington and the Founding of the US Government

The founding of the United States government is intimately intertwined with George Washington’s own biography.

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The Leadership and Legacy of George Washington

George Washington is recognized for his extraordinary leadership during our nation’s founding.

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George Washington at War

George Washington’s military roles, as a Colonel in the French and Indian War and as commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution mirror the growth of the American identity.

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Martha Washington & Women of the 18th Century

From the battlefield to the home front and from the wheat fields to the presidential mansion women played an important, though sometimes forgotten, role in the formation of the American identity.

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George Washington and Slavery at Mount Vernon

In the year of George Washington’s death, Mount Vernon was home to over 300 individuals, most of whom were enslaved at the time. Browse rich primary sources from the lives of people who were enslaved at Mount Vernon as well as Washington’s changing opinions about slavery overtime.

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Business at Mount Vernon

As a surveyor, farmer, and investor, George Washington was constantly looking for opportunities to harness and manage natural resources and agricultural production for his own economic interest and for the nation and communities he built.

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