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Have fun learning about George Washington and his time period through online games and interactives. 

George vs. George

George Washington and George III may have shared a name but they were very different leaders. Play the game and see if you can match the question to the right George. 

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Who am I?

George Washington's military and political career spanned over 40 years. During that time he interacted with many different people. Play the game and see if you can choose the correct person based on their relationship to George Washington. 

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French and Indian War Quiz

George Washington's journey into the Ohio country shaped his career and sparked a global war. Test your knowledge on these important events of Washington's life.

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Constitution Quiz

By 1787, the union between the states was unraveling. To save the young nation, delegates from 12 states met in Philadelphia. Take the quiz and test your knowledge on this historic event. 

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Did Washington have Wooden Teeth Quiz

Did Washington really have wooden teeth? And what about that cherry tree? Take this quiz and see if you can tell the difference between facts and falsehoods about George Washington.

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Lives Bound Together Quiz

Our "Lives Bound Together" exhibit at Mount Vernon explores the subject of slavery at Mount Vernon. Take our quiz and see how much you know about this subject.

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