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Educational Resources and the Hamilton Original Cast Recording

George Washington's Mount Vernon offers a variety of primary and secondary sources on George Washington, the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, and the 18th Century. Use them to accompany the Hamilton Original Cast Recording in your classroom to create content-rich lessons using the music of the award-winning Broadway musical.

Educational Resources and the Hamilton Original Cast Recording

Hamilton Track Number & Name Mount Vernon Resources

1.) Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton (Digital Encyclopedia)

Ron Chernow on Washington and Hamilton (Video) 

George Washington (Digital Encyclopedia) 

2.) Aaron Burr, Sir

Marquis de Lafayette (Digital Encyclopedia) 

John Laurens (Digital Encyclopedia)

3.) My Shot

King’s College (Digital Encyclopedia) 

5.) The Schuyler Sisters

Declaration of Independence (Digital Encyclopedia)

Thomas Paine (Digital Encyclopedia) 

6.) Farmer Refuted

 Loyalists (Digital Encyclopedia) 

8.) Right Hand Man

Battle of Harlem Heights (Digital Encyclopedia)

Battle of Kip's Bay (Digital Encyclopedia)

Battle of Long Island (Digital Encyclopedia) 

Continental Army (Digital Encyclopedia)

Nathanael Greene (Digital Encyclopedia)

New York Campaign (Digital Encyclopedia)

Ten Facts about George Washington and the Revolutionary War (Resource Collection)

Quebec Campaign (Digital Encyclopedia)

9.) A Winter's Ball

Animals at Mount Vernon

Martha Washington (Digital Encyclopedia) 

14.) Stay Alive

Battle of Monmouth (Digital Encyclopedia) 

Charles Lee (Digital Encyclopedia)

Crossing the Delaware (Digital Encyclopedia)

Horatio Gates (Digital Encyclopedia)

Morristown (Digital Encyclopedia)

Saratoga (Digital Encyclopedia) 

Thomas Fleming: Valley Forge (Article) 

Valley Forge (Digital Encyclopedia) 

18.) Guns and Ships

Rochambeau (Digital Encyclopedia)

Marquis de Lafayette (Digital Encyclopedia) 

19.) History Has Its Eyes On You

Advertisement from the Journal of Major George Washington (Primary Source Reading Activity)

French and Indian War (Resource Collection)

Jumonville Glen Skirmish (Digital Encyclopedia) 

Washington Survives Braddock's March (Primary Source Reading Activity)

20.) Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

Articles of Capitulation (Primary Source) 

Lafayette to Washington, Sept. 8, 1781 (Primary Source)

Yorktown Campaign (Digital Encyclopedia) 

Yorktown: Now or Never (Dynamic History Video) 

Yorktown: Now or Never (Lesson Plans)

Yorktown Campaign Map

23.) Non-Stop

Accepting the Presidency (Digital Encyclopedia)

Acts of Congress (Special Collections - Object)

Cabinet Members (Digital Encyclopedia)

Constitutional Convention (Digital Encyclopedia)

Federalist Papers (Digital Encyclopedia)

George Washington to Henry Knox (Primary Source Reading Activity)

Justice Kennedy: George Washington and the Constitution (Video)

James Madison (Digital Encyclopedia)

John Jay (Digital Encyclopedia)

Presidential Election of 1789 (Digital Encyclopedia)

Ratification of the Constitution (Digital Encyclopedia)

24.) What'd I Miss 

Thomas Jefferson (Digital Encyclopedia)

Presidential Precedents (Digital Encyclopedia)

25.) Cabinet Battle #1

Cabinet Members (Digital Encyclopedia)

James Madison (Digital Encyclopedia)

Whiskey Rebellion (Digital Encyclopedia) 

26.) Take a Break

Abigail Adams (Digital Encyclopedia)

John Adams (Digital Encyclopedia) 

28.) Room Where it Happened

Hugh Mercer (Digital Encyclopedia)

Presidential Residency in New York (Digital Encyclopedia)

30.) Cabinet Battle #2

Presidential Diplomacy (Digital Encyclopedia) 

32.) One Last Time

Farewell Address (Primary Source)

Ten Facts About Washington's Presidency (Resource Collection)

Vine and Fig Tree (Digital Encyclopedia) 

33.) I Know Him

John Adams (Digital Encyclopedia) 

45.) The World Was Wide Enough

The Death of George Washington (Digital Encyclopedia) 


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