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Dove of Peace Weathervane Restoration

With the installation of the scaffolding on the cupola, Collections Conservator Linda Landry had the opportunity to examine the condition of the replica Dove of Peace weathervane. She determined that there was a considerable amount of rust and corrosion on the piece, particularly in areas where copper and iron meet. In a short amount of time, she put together a treatment proposal to completely re-gild and repaint the dove.

The piece was last treated several years ago, but as with any outside object, it requires constant care and maintenance. Landry spent nearly 40 hours restoring the magnificent gilding on the dove. She removed the rust from the surface, carefully sanded it down, applied protective coatings and size and then regilded the piece. The result is an eye catching beacon of hope that will catch any guest’s eye. In July, the collections and preservation team reinstalled Mount Vernon’s iconic dove of peace weathervane.

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