Four Unique Gifts for History Buffs

The Shops at Mount Vernon has abundant gift possibilities for history lovers. Some items recreate a historical artifact, others have a unique history of their own.

Historic Birdhouse Ornament

Take home a historic piece of George Washington's estate! This charming wood birdhouse ornament was created by Doug Dill, master wood crafter in Lanexa, Virginia. Wood for the ornament was sourced from a pecan tree planted at Mount Vernon circa 1850. 

Birdhouse ornaments are approximately 1 ¾" tall and 1 ½"wide.


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George Washington Pistol

When he was elected to command the Continental Army in April, 1775, George Washington was partial to this holster style pistol. The classic 18th-century Flintlock pistol is made with embossed wood and metal grips.

Pistol is 13 ½” long and weighs 1.2 lbs. Made in Spain.


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George Washington Sword Letter Opener

While most of us can't brandish a sword like Washington, we can open our mail with this 9 inch "sword."

This letter opener was adapted from a sword of Washington's which is depicted in Charles Willson Peale's 1772 portrait of Washington as a Virginia colonel. Washington is also believed to have worn the sword when he resigned his commission as commander in chief in Annapolis in 1783 and when inaugurated as our nation's first president on April 30, 1789.


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Five Farms Wood Coaster Set

Simple, stylish, and uniquely George Washington - this five-piece handcrafted coaster set is engraved with a portion of the 18th-century map of George Washington's Five Farms: Mansion, River, Muddy Hole, Dogue, and Union. The four coasters are neatly contained in a hexagonal holder with George Washington's signature engraved on both sides. 

The wood used to create the coasters is sourced from Mount Vernon's Distillery white oak barrels. Made in the USA.


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