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Meet 18th Century Herbalist, Betz Golon

Herbal Historian Betsey Golon
Herbal Historian Betsey Golon
Betz Golon has traveled from Maine to Mount Vernon for more than 20 years to teach visitors how herbs were used in cooking and medicine throughout history. As an herbal historian, Betz combines her passions for history and botany to make products for museums, focusing on the herbs' recorded history.

"All our products are made using organic herbs. Blends are often old family recipes or re-blends of receipts from old cookbooks," said Betz.

Through her research and sampling, Betz has made and sold herbal teas, seasonings, and lavender products.

"My favorite project was developing mustard making kits for The Shops at Mount Vernon," she said, "We had researched General Washington's love of mustard and created five colonial-style recipes that use wine vinegar, cider, or beers." 

Available at The Shops at Mount Vernon

Sample Betz's mustards and learn how to make your own at Summer Escape

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