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Let our members tell you why they support Mount Vernon....

Bob and Bettye Hammond - Austin, TX

The Hammonds first became involved with Mount Vernon after receiving an informational mailing.  They visited the Estate, where they learned much more about the important preservation and educational initiatives underway.  They are committed to assisting charities which share their values and began to make annual contributions to Mount Vernon.

"George Washington's remarkable life proves how one person can make an enormous impact," Bob says.  "When standing at our country's most critical crossroads, Washington demonstrated character and leadership by delivering peace and liberty not only to his contemporaries, but also to generations to come.  All patriotic Americans remain in his debt!" 

Dolores Sabalos - Winter Park, FL

When Dolores Sabalos was growing up, all American school children started their day pledging allegiance to the flag.  "There was also a portrait of George Washington hanging in almost every classroom," Dolores recalls.  "American history was a part of the core curriculum."  

As a grandmother of two, Dolores wants to ensure that they understand and appreciate the importance of our nation's history.  "I am a passionate advocate for American history.  We all need to do our part to preserve our nation's history for future generations.  I support Mount Vernon because I want to do my part.  I owe it to America."

Janice and Dick Crosby - Alexandria, VA

Longtime Mount Vernon supporters Janice and Dick Crosby remember fondly the first time they laid eyes on Mount Vernon.  The year was 1971, and they had just moved to the Washington, D.C. area.  Dick was a naval officer and Janice, a registered nurse.  Following Dick’s retirement in 2000 as a Navy captain, they ultimately purchased a home in Alexandria, not far from Mount Vernon.  In fact, their subdivision is situated on land that was once part of River Farm, one of George Washington’s five original farms, which made up the Mount Vernon estate.

People who live on land that was once part of Mount Vernon can become members of the Neighborhood Friends of Mount Vernon.  The Crosbys not only joined, but ultimately became active volunteers.  Since June 2007, they have been members of the Neighborhood Friends Steering Committee.

“We take great pleasure in working with other Neighborhood Friends to bring George Washington’s character, historic estate, and uniquely American spirit to life,” says Dick.  “For us, it’s always a tremendous thrill and honor to walk the paths once traveled by the first president of the United States of America.”