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Mount Vernon magazine is published three times a year by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. The online edition of the magazine is freely available to the public. Print editions of the magazine are a member benefit.

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Spring 2022

THE Roman Character

Though Washington did not have a classical education, he nevertheless evoked comparisons to the best of the ancients. By Thomas E. Ricks

The Heart of the House

The multiyear restoration of the Mansion’s Central Passage edges closer to completion. By Adam T. Erby

Change at the Podium

For likely the first time in the United States, a woman gave a public lecture. George Washington was there. By Mary Sarah Bilder

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Winter 2021


The records are sparse on the foodways of the enslaved at Mount Vernon and Colonial Virginia. To fill in the blanks, take a journey to the Senegambia, by Michael W. Twitty


The seeds of many of today’s culinary trends were planted in George Washington’s garden, by Justin Cherry


Hoecakes breakfasts, punctual dinners, post-prandial Madeiras, and other details about dining at Mount Vernon, by Jessie MacLeod

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Spring 2021

  • The father of American architecture visits the father of the country at Mount Vernon.
  • Archaeologists find signs of the other farms that were once part of Washington’ estate, with a little help from technology.
  • The big reveal: the Washingtons’ “best bedchamber” returns to its former glory.
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Winter 2020

  • How portraits of Washington shaped the presidency
  • The letter that convinced a reluctant president to run again
  • The third term that might have been
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Fall 2020

  • How President Washington confronted crises and set the template for presidential leadership.
  • In 1793, a yellow fever epidemic hit the city hard, and sent George Washington and the federal government packing.
  • The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association confronts COVID-19
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Spring 2020

  • Mary Ball Washington's Fight for Independence
  • Martha Washington, Quilt Maker and Businesswoman Extraordinaire
  • The Ladies and the Suffrage Movement
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Winter 2019

  • Cartography of the Revolution
  • General Washington Takes the Stage
  • Into the Wild
  • Achieving the "Representation of Stone"
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Fall 2019

  • Fashion Statements
  • Style Icon
  • Charlotte's Indian Chintz Gown
  • Narrative Thread
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Spring 2019

  • The Year of Music
  • Nelly's New Harpsichord
  • Songs of the Enslaved
  • A Grand Restoration for the Front Parlor
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Winter 2018

  • Kevin J. Hayes on Washington and Don Quixote
  • A Closer Look at 18th-Century Craft
  • Restoring the Mansion's Front Parlor
  • Q&A with the Library's New Executive Director
  • Library Celebrates Fifth Anniversary
  • New Exhibitions & Acquisitions
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Fall 2018

  • History of innovation from Washington the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association
  • President Donald Trump's historic visit to Mount Vernon
  • Celebrating the 10,000,000th patent issued at the Gristmill
  • Safeguarding the Bastille Key
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Spring 2018

  • Mirroring the Mansion: tributes in modern architecture
  • Inside Be Washington: Creating our newest attraction
  • American architecture inspired by Mount Vernon
  • Behind-the-scenes restoration and renovation
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Winter 2017

  • Reimagining the Iconic Guest Room
  • Enjoying the Washington's Hospitality
  • Lady Washington's Wedding Ensemble
  • Presidential Hospitality
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Fall 2017

  • The Quest for a More Perfect Union
  • The Constitution in the Classroom
  • Washington's Likeness in the Ephemera Collection
  • Dean Malissa on Being George Washington
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Spring 2017

  • Mount Vernon Wakes Up
  • Martha Washington: Wealthy Widow and Intrepid Wartime Wife
  • Washington's Brush with Immortality
  • Flora Fraser on the Washingtons' Relationship
  • The Chastellux Letters
  • Exploring Washington's Hair Relics
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Winter 2016

  • Exploring George Washington's Will
  • Democracy on Parade: The 1791 Southern Tour
  • New Exhibition Lives Bound Together Opens
  • First-Annual Patriot Run
  • Washington's Thoughts on Emancipation
  • Honoring Our Volunteers
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Fall 2016

  • The Enlightened President: Susan Dunn on the Union of Reason and Happiness
  • The Dividing Line: Nathaniel Philbrick paints the Revolution's darkest days
  • High Fashion returns to the restored Chintz Room
  • New exhibition Lives Bound Together explores slavery at Mount Vernon
  • Boatbuilding Project at the Pioneer Farm
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Spring 2016

  • The Swords of George Washington
  • A Plot Foiled: James Kirby Martin on the drama at Newburgh
  • Rick Atkinson Turns to the Revolution
  • Hamilton Wins Washington Prize
  • Holly Mayer on religion’s role in the Revolution
  • Behind the Scenes: Conservation work marries technology and tradition
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Winter 2015

  • Foes to Friends: Robert Middlekauff on Washington and the French
  • Cupola Work Yields New Discoveries
  • Mount Vernon Welcomes Spanish Royals
  • Joseph Ellis on the Founders
  • Cole Jones on the General's POW Problem
  • Behind the Scenes: Mount Vernon's Caretaker in Chief
  • Flashback: Royal Visit from 1917
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Fall 2015

  • Thomas Fleming on Washington & Jefferson
  • Ron Chernow Talks Hamilton (Video)
  • L'Hermione Docks at Mount Vernon
  • Peeling Back History: Uncovering Washington's Wallpaper (Web Extra)
  • Bruce Ragsdale on Washington and Agriculture
  • Washington Book Prize
  • The Library Acquires a Spy Letter
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