Spring 2018

  • Mirroring the Mansion: tributes in modern architecture
  • Inside Be Washington: Creating our newest attraction
  • American architecture inspired by Mount Vernon
  • Behind-the-scenes restoration and renovation

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Winter 2017

  • Reimagining the Iconic Guest Room
  • Enjoying the Washington's Hospitality
  • Lady Washington's Wedding Ensemble
  • Presidential Hospitality

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Fall 2017

  • The Quest for a More Perfect Union
  • The Constitution in the Classroom
  • Washington's Likeness in the Ephemera Collection
  • Dean Malissa on Being George Washington

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Spring 2017

  • Mount Vernon Wakes Up
  • Martha Washington: Wealthy Widow and Intrepid Wartime Wife
  • Washington's Brush with Immortality
  • Flora Fraser on the Washingtons' Relationship
  • The Chastellux Letters
  • Exploring Washington's Hair Relics

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Winter 2016

  • Exploring George Washington's Will
  • Democracy on Parade: The 1791 Southern Tour
  • New Exhibition Lives Bound Together Opens
  • First-Annual Patriot Run
  • Washington's Thoughts on Emancipation
  • Honoring Our Volunteers

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Fall 2016

  • The Enlightened President: Susan Dunn on the Union of Reason and Happiness
  • The Dividing Line: Nathaniel Philbrick paints the Revolution's darkest days
  • High Fashion returns to the restored Chintz Room
  • New exhibition Lives Bound Together explores slavery at Mount Vernon
  • Boatbuilding Project at the Pioneer Farm

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Spring 2016

  • The Swords of George Washington
  • A Plot Foiled: James Kirby Martin on the drama at Newburgh
  • Rick Atkinson Turns to the Revolution
  • Hamilton Wins Washington Prize
  • Holly Mayer on religion’s role in the Revolution
  • Behind the Scenes: Conservation work marries technology and tradition

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Winter 2015

  • Foes to Friends: Robert Middlekauff on Washington and the French
  • Cupola Work Yields New Discoveries
  • Mount Vernon Welcomes Spanish Royals
  • Joseph Ellis on the Founders
  • Cole Jones on the General's POW Problem
  • Behind the Scenes: Mount Vernon's Caretaker in Chief
  • Flashback: Royal Visit from 1917

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Fall 2015

  • Thomas Fleming on Washington & Jefferson
  • Ron Chernow Talks Hamilton (Video)
  • L'Hermione Docks at Mount Vernon
  • Peeling Back History: Uncovering Washington's Wallpaper (Web Extra)
  • Bruce Ragsdale on Washington and Agriculture
  • Washington Book Prize
  • The Library Acquires a Spy Letter

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