Have you ever wondered what Washington's daily life was like?

Life in colonial America was very different from the conveniences we have today.  Let's explore some of the popular things we do today and see how they would be different in Washington's time.

Going to the Theater

While the motion picture wouldn’t be invented for more than a hundred years after their deaths, the Washingtons loved to be entertained.  A famously avid theater-goer, Washington’s highly detailed record-keeping provides valuable information about the movement of acting companies throughout the region, and the types of performances offered.

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Did Washington really love to dance? Emphatically, yes. Washington once described dancing as “so agreeable and innocent an amusement.” First-hand accounts say he was extremely good at it – and was always quite the center of attention.

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Dating Advice

George Washington, relationship guru? Actually, he gave his step-granddaughters some pretty awesome dating advice.

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