How did George Washington grow and use wheat for Mount Vernon?

George Washington was the first president of the United States. He and his family lived at Mount Vernon in Virginia. They lived in a big house. You can still visit the house today.

Compare Then to Now

First Image
Second Image

Drag the slider left and right to see a painting of Mount Vernon made around 1790 and a photo from today.

The Estate

The Mount Vernon estate had five farms on almost 8,000 acres of land. That’s about the same size as 8,000 football fields.

Look at the map George Washington drew. It shows how much land Mount Vernon covered in 1793. You can see each of the five farms. Then explore the modern map. How has the area changed?

Compare the Estate in 1793 to Today

First Image
Second Image

Drag the slider left and right to see a map of Mount Vernon in 1793 and today.


George Washington needed all that land because he was a farmer. He grew different crops at Mount Vernon. Wheat was one important crop grown on his farms.


Connect to Now

Some of these foods are made with wheat. Can you guess which ones? Which of the foods do you like to eat?

Tap the cards to see if the food is made with wheat.

These are carrots.

They are vegetables that grow in the ground. They are not made of wheat.

This is pasta.

Many kinds of pasta are made with wheat flour.

This is an apple.

Apples are fruit. They grow on trees. They are not made with wheat.

This is bread.

Many kinds of bread are made with wheat flour.

As you explore, think about the Essential Question.

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