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In the 18th century, milk was often made into butter or cheese to make it last longer. You can make your own butter, and enjoy it on George Washington’s favorite breakfast- hoecakes!

Ingredients & Supplies

  • 1/2 Pint whipping cream
  • Pint-size glass jar with a tight-fitting lid 
  • Mesh strainer or colander

Step 1 - Fill the Jar

Fill the jar a half or a third full of cream.

Step 2 - Shake the Jar

Screw the lid on tight and begin shaking the jar.

Step 2 (continued) - Almost There!

Continue shaking it back and forth until the cream thickens.

Step 3 - Finished Shaking

  • The mixture will turn into a solid yellow ball and the thin buttermilk will separate from it.
  • It will take less than 10 minutes for the butter to form.

Step 4 - Strain

Strain the liquid from the butter.

Step 4 (continued) - Rinse

Rinse butter in cold water.

Step 6 - Make it Fancy!

Optional: Add honey to your butter.

George Washington ate his hoecakes swimming in butter and honey!

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