Each Spring, lambs are born at Mount Vernon! Today, there are usually 70-80 sheep of all ages at Mount Vernon, but in the 18th century, there were hundreds. In 1799, George Washington recorded that there were 640 sheep! Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own lamb puppet.

Step 1: Color

Draw a face onto the lamb's head and color the ears.

Step 2: Cut the template

With an adult’s help, cut out the lamb template. 

Step 3: Make Your Lamb Fluffy

Glue cotton balls to the body to make the lamb fluffy! You can add a little to the head if you want.


Step 4: Almost there!

Glue the lamb to the popsicle stick. Make sure your popsicle stick covers the entire back of the lamb. 

Step 5: Finish Your Puppet

Bend the Pipe Cleaner in half, and tape it to the back of your lamb.


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