Living History and 18th-Century Demonstrations

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Hercules on the Death of George Washington

Living History and 18th-Century Demonstrations
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Beef Collops and Ale Bread (18th Century Style)

2,207 views May 23, 2017
Learn the classic and delicious 18th century recipe for beef collops and ale bread! BEEF COLLOPS RECIPE: 2 lbs. Beef (London Broil or sirloin) sliced about 1/4" thick Nutmeg ½ medium shredded onion 1 tsp. lemon peel, grated fine Sweet herbs (parsley, marjoram, thyme, and tarragon), tied together for easy removal Salt and Pepper to taste 1 Tbs. butter, formed into a ball flour Source: Carter, Susanna. The Frugal Housewife; or, Complete Woman Cook, London, J. Harris. ALE BREAD RECIPE: Take three cups of self-rising flour, a little sugar, and eight ounces of English ale. Mix all together well. Pour in molds and bake in a moderate oven, a quarter of an hour will bake it. In the past, we’ve just make this into one rounded loaf and baked it in a pie pan – it might take as long as ½ hour to cook prepared that way, depending on your coals. Recipe from Chippokes Plantation For more 18th Century recipes, visit:
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