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Revolutionary War Medicine, Battlefield Surgery, Amputation, and Smallpox Inoculation


@BobbleheadGeorge @mountvernon Join Mr. Graham, Mr. Raymond, and Mr. Gimbi as the guys explore 18th century medical techniques while celebrating Revolutionary War Weekend at George Washington's Mount Vernon!

0:01 - Intro
0:26 - Modern Medicine vs 18th Century Medicine
0:39 - The impact the Revolutionary War had on medicine
0:54 - Smallpox epidemic during the Revolutionary War
1:11 - 18th century smallpox inoculation
3:06 - Dr. Grimes, British surgeon
3:15 - What qualifications did Revolutionary War surgeons have?
3:49 - Did Revolutionary War surgeons treat more disease or wounds?
4:30 - 18th century amputation during the Revolutionary War
9:53 - Post-amputation recovery
10:59 - Wrapping things up!

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