The Mount Vernon App is designed to be a rich and useful resource to all of our guests who increasingly want information and services at their fingertips. Designed for both iPhones and Android-powered smartphones, the Mount Vernon App allows one to access an array of interesting tours, onboard maps, information on hundreds of points of interest, fun onboard challenges, a plant finder, and more.   The free app can be downloaded straight onto your own device or you can rent a pre-loaded smartphone at the estate.

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Key Features

  • Audio Tours:  The Mount Vernon App includes five new audio tours accessible to visitors of Mount Vernon.  These informative tours cover the rich history, architecture, and gardens found at Mount Vernon. In time we will be adding even more tours that will allow our guests to explore a wide range of thematic topics.
  • On-Board Maps:   Our location-aware estate map allows the visitor to see their location straight on the map.  You can also click on the various points of interest markers found on the map to learn more about the locations around you.  We have also included detailed maps of our Gristmill and Distillery site, floor plans of the Mansion, and a map showing our Education Center and Museum. 
  • Points of Interest:  Our Mount Vernon App includes more than 400 different points of interest – making it one of the most complete resources for information on Mount Vernon and our rich array of artifacts.  Points of Interest can be found on the Estate and within our Education Center and Museum.  Click on links in the onboard estate map or enter numbers straight into our numerical keypad.  Each point of interest page is filled with information on that object or site, photos, and other media links.   You can also designate various points of interest as favorites for easy repeat access.
  • Visitor Information:  The Mount Vernon App is filled with helpful information for visitor to the Estate.   You will find up-to-date calendars showcasing the day’s events, information on shuttles, restrooms, food options, links to our Shop, Potomac River cruise details, and so much more.  
  • Plant Finder:  Our integrated plant finder service allows you to better identify the names and details behind the amazing array of flowers, plants, shrubs, vegetables, and trees that you will find at Mount Vernon.  You can select from a number of filters to narrow your selection by color, location, plant type, and whether it’s in bloom or not.  Clicking on an individual plant will lead you to a page that provides interesting information on that plant, photos, and the ability to save it to your favorites list.
  • Information on George Washington:  The onboard Biography and Key Facts pages give you a great resource to learn more about George Washington and his many great accomplishment.
  • Colonial Selfie:  Ever wonder what you might look like wearing a variety of colonial styled headgear and clothing?  Well our fun Colonial Selfie offering allows you to hats, bonnets, tunics, blouses and more upon your own image.  You can save these fun composite images and send them to friends.
  • Washington Quiz:   How much do you really know about George Washington?  Our onboard quiz will test your knowledge.    You can share your results with friends.
  • Scavenger Hunt:  The app’s onboard scavenger hunt will test your knowledge of the Mount Vernon estate in a fun and engaging way.  The challenge will lead you across the estate looking for clues and answers to a set of questions.
  • Photo Puzzle:  Our photo puzzle offering allows you to reassemble scrambled photos into their original form.  
  • Integrated Virtual Tour:  The App also provides access to our new virtual tour offering that allows you to look at 360 degree panoramic images across the estate.
  • Restaurant Reservations:  Via the app you can learn more about our Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant and make reservations either by phone or through our OpenTable interface.

Download the App

Funding & Support

Mount Vernon has received financial support for the development of this mobile offering from The Life Guard Society, Scott and Lynn Molitor, and from Bartlett Tree Experts.

The Mount Vernon App was developed by Mount Vernon’s New Media team in conjunction with XCO Software. Experts from across Mount Vernon’s departments helped to develop the rich content for the App. Cortina Productions helped with the design of the App.

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