The Alexandria Archaeology Digital Atlas: Historical GIS in Alexandria, Virginia

32:23 Published September 21, 2016

Benjamin A. Skolnik & Kurt Moser & Ank Webbers, Alexandria Archaeology, City of Alexandria, Virginia. In 2005, Alexandria Archaeology, a department within the Office of Historic Alexandria in the City of Alexandria, Virginia, partnered with the Center for Geospatial Information Technology at Virginia Tech to create the Alexandria Archaeology Digital Atlas. Originally comprised of a scanned Civil War-period map, 1927 aerial imagery, and a geodatabase of historic features digitized from the City’s Master Plan, this digital resource has been extensively modified and added to since 2005, especially in the past year and a half with the addition of an archaeologist/GIS-analyst to the staff. This tool has become instrumental to the way archaeology is conducted in the City, from supporting the development process, to fielding historical questions from property owners, to supporting our own archaeological research projects. This presentation details the current status of the Alexandria Archaeology Digital Atlas, highlights some of the challenges associated with using and maintaining it, and presents several case studies that showcase its strengths and potential as a management and research tool.

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