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  • I want to do research at Mount Vernon. Is the library open on weekends?
  • Who inherited Mount Vernon after George and Martha Washington?
  • Is there a list available of all the books in George Washington's library?
  • Are bikes allowed on the grounds of the estate?
  • Several history texts suggest that John Parke Custis, like his 2 grandfathers, fathered a child with an enslaved woman. What are any details you can offer about the day-to-day living conditions of Custis…
  • A friend told me that he thought the Mount Vernon Estate was once run by the National Park Service and that years ago there was no admission charge. I believe he is wrong on both points and explained that…
  • Who is George Washington's father?
  • At Mount Vernon, how were guests received? Did the guest knock? Who answered the door? What did they say? Where would Washington receive them?
  • When did George Washington died?
  • Why didn't George or Martha Washington's relatives keep Mount Vernon in the family after they were gone?
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