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Acquired Washington's Letters to the Marquis de Chastellux

The Washington Library at Mount Vernon acquired five stunning George Washington letters written to François Jean de Beauvoir, Marquis de Chastellux, an Enlightenment thinker and general in the French army during the American War of Independence.

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1776, December 25

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1799, December 14

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George Washington
1864, January 23


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1950, February 31

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2016, December 7

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Mason Shelby

New Hangings

All new hangings except valance are completed. Additionally, three chairs are covered with the same fabric.

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1742, April 12

Washington Becomes an Enslaver

Washington’s father, Augustine, dies and at the age of 11, Washington becomes an enslaver after inheriting 10 enslaved people from Augustine’s estate.

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Owners of Mount Vernon · George Washington's Mount Vernon
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