Full bust portrait of George Washington, facing right and wearing a military uniform, set within a decorative calligraphic composition. The portrait is centered in the lower half of the print, and set in an oval frame with the title "Gen. George Washington" above and eighteen stars at the bottom. The frame sits on a base that has a memorial dedication to Washington engraved on it. To the left of the memorial is an open book with the Masonic symbols of a compass and square on it. To the right of the memorial is a radiant sun with a human face on it.

Baker 404, Hart 796






Ink on paper


Overall (H x W): 17 9/16 in. x 23 1/8 in. (44.61 cm x 58.74 cm)
Other (Image H x W): 16 3/8 in. × 20 5/8 in. (41.59 cm × 52.39 cm)

Credit Line

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley DeForest Scott, 1985


Printed above arch of text on either side in italic script: " Vive La Plume Vive Nomen."

Printed in arch around body of text in block script: "Eulogium Sacred to the Memory of the Illustrious George Washington, Columbia's Great and Successful Son: Honored be his Name."

Printed within calligraphic frame on left on left in block script: "Tho' shrined in dust, great Washington now lies,/The Memory of his Deeds Shall ever bloom;/Twin'd with proud Laurels, shall the Olive rise,/And wave unfading o'er his Honor'd Tomb."

Printed within calligraphic frame on left on right in block script: "To him ye Nations yield eternal FAME,/First on th'Heroie list enroll his Name;/High on th'ensculptur'd marble let him stand,/The undaunted Hero of his native land."

Printed in body of text on left in cusive and block script: ""SPIRIT OF SYMPATHY from Heaven descend!/A Nation weeps, COLUMBIA, mourns a Friend!/O!ne'er to man did counteous Heaven impart/A purer spirit, a more generous heart;/And in that Heart did Nature sweetly blend,/The fearless Hero and the faithful Friend,/As some fond mother who bewails her Child,/And vents her grief in mournful accents wild;/So looked COLUMBIA'S GENIUS when stern Death,/Relentless Tyrant snatch'd her fav'rites breath,".

Printed in body of text on right in cursive and block script: "Now from the regions of Eternal Light,/To where thy soul has wing'd its joyful flight/Witness the tears that for thy loss do flow,/Behold a Nation whelm'd in silent woe:/Thy pearly drops which tremble in each eye,/Shall seeth thy spirit thron'd above the sky./BLEST SHADE! Farewell! thy Memory ever dear,/Oft shall recieve fair Freedom's holy tears;/In each fond heart shall live thy peerless Name,/And There shall rise thy MONUMENTS of FAME.""

Printed above portrait within oval frame in block script: "Sacred to the memory of the brave".

Printed below portrait on tablet centered in block and italic script: "Gen George/Washington departed this life/Decr. 14th 1799 AE 67./And the tears of a/Nation/watered his grave."

Printed below portrait centered on the base of the pedestal in block script: "Washington's no more, by silence grief's express'd,/Lo! here he lies, his works proclaim the rest."

Printed below body of text bottom left corner in block and cursive script: " DESIGNED Written AND PUBLISHED".

Printed below body of text bottom left corner in block script: "Engraved by P. Maverick,".

Printed below body of text bottom right corner in block script: "Newark N. Jersey."

Printed below body of text bottom left corner in block and cursive script: "By Benjamin O. Tyler Professor of Penmanship, New York. 1817."

Printed below body of text on either side of portrait base in block script: "Copy-right Secured."

Printed below body of text center in italic script: "Penmanship in all the Ancient and Modern hands Taught on an improved System (entirely his own) by Benjamin Owen Tyler, at No. 126 Broadway opposite City Hotel, N. York."

Object Number


Colors (Beta)

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