Circular punch bowl with a plain rim on a high foot ring, decorated in overglaze polychrome enamels and gilt. The center of the well features a circular reserve framed by a gilded husk chain on a blue band containing a blazing star inscribed with a gilded “G” and flanked by pillars (the Pillars at the Entrance to Solomon’s Temple) on a checkered pavement. A stalk of wheat is placed atop the central reserve. Around the interior sides of the bowl are four emblems: a sun, moon, seven stars, and raining clouds. The interior rim is encircled with an upper gilded husk chain on a blue band and a lower red band with gilded dots framed by gilded lines. The exterior rim features an upper wide blue band with gilded stars, a gilt line, a central, narrow red band with gilded dots, a gilt line, and a band of half-flowerheads and gilded spearheads. The exterior sides of the bowl are decorated with four scenes: a Bible enclosed by a square and compass flanked by beehives; symbols of a stonemason’s work including a trestle table with ink pot, feather brush, and dividers, rough ashlar with a frame saw and lube pots, and a smooth ashlar with a lewis or lifting ring; intertwined drafting tools including a protractor, hinged marking gauge, and parallel ruler; intertwined tools including a plumb and a level. A chain of blue dots encircles the foot.

A small, red, circular splotch appears on the inside of the well. It does not appear to be part of the design program, as other punch bowls with similar schemes do not include it.





Porcelain (hard-paste), enamel, gilt


Overall (H x W x D): 4 1/2 in. x 11 3/8 in. x 11 3/8 in. (11.43 cm x 28.89 cm x 28.89 cm)

Credit Line

Purchased with funds provided by Dr. and Mrs. James S. Reibel, 2008

Object Number


Colors (Beta)

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