This summary of court pleas describes a lengthy and frustrating case in which George Washington was a plaintiff on behalf of Margaret Savage. As her trustee, Washington and fellow trustee Bryan Fairfax were attempting to collect the money that her husband had promised in regular payments secured by a trust bond. The case was complicated by the fact that Mrs. Savage, apparently under duress, made inconsistent statements regarding Dr. Savage's obligation to make payments. While the pleas detailed here date from 1772 until 1774, the appeal continued after Savage's death and plagued Washington until his death in 1799.


D (Document) One large sheet of paper is folded in half to create four pages. Three pages contain the text of the letter, and the fourth page (verso when closed) is docketed. Large watermark, center of first page. Similar to Gravell, Foreign Watermarks 295. The only difference is on the document's watermark the circular frame containing the shield has a circular design directly under the shield. Small watermark, center of third page. Similar to Gravell, Foreign Watermarks 722. A small loss interferes with watermark.


May 17, 1774




Ink, laid paper


Other (closed): 11 3/4 in. x 7 7/8 in. (29.85 cm x 20 cm)
Overall (open): 11 3/4 in. x 15 3/4 in. (29.85 cm x 40.01 cm)

Credit Line

Purchase, 1948


Fourth page (verso when closed), below and to the right of center, in brown ink: Washington / vs. / Savage ["S" underlined] }Record

Object Number


Colors (Beta)

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