Be Washington

Education Center

During this interactive experience, come face to face with a leadership challenge that George Washington confronted as commander in chief or president.

Scenarios include the Battle of Second Trenton, the Newburgh Conspiracy, the Genet Affair, and the Whiskey Rebellion.

Listen to advice from his most trusted advisers and decide on your course of action.

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Revolutionary War Theater: 4-D Experience

Education Center

Exclusively at Mount Vernon, this unique theater experience highlights Washington's role in the Revolutionary War and features snow, fog, and other 4D effects.

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Education Center Galleries

Learn about George Washington’s military career as you explore the galleries of the Education Center, which focus on his extensive service, from his days as a young officer in the French and Indian War to his heroics during the American Revolution.

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Revolutionary War Movies

Smith Auditorium

Watch short films highlighting the critical moments in the Revolutionary War, including Washington’s triumphs at Trenton, Princeton, and Yorktown.

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Music of the Revolutionary War

Listen to our Resident Fifer play different fifes, flutes, and a drum to demonstrate their different sounds and functions. Learn about some of the musicians who played music on the front lines of the American Revolution and examine replicas of 18th-century uniforms, books, and sheet music.

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Agent 711: Revolutionary Spy Adventure App

Go undercover and test your spycraft skills as you explore the grounds of Mount Vernon. Solve ciphers, decode messages, and tackle challenges, all for the cause of liberty, and all on your smartphone.

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Revolutionary War Weekend


Watch hundreds of Continentals, Redcoats, Hessians, cannon, and cavalry in action on the estate during this action-packed weekend event.

Throughout the weekend, learn about life in the 18th century, discuss military techniques, and watch battle re-enactments.

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