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Did you know Martha Washington was a quilter, and today some of her quilts are part of Mount Vernon's collection? 

Visit Hands-on-History (accessible via the Education Center) to enjoy special activities for kids under 10.


Included with admission.

Martha Washington was an avid quilter, and three of her quilts are in Mount Vernon's collection today! Stop by the Hands-on-History room to see photos of these quilts and learn more about how they were made. 

While here, children can: 

  • make a "quilt" of their own using scrapbook paper 
  • complete a quilt block puzzle
  • learn about how some of the fabrics in the quilts were reused from other projects 

There are also coloring activities to take home and do after your visit. 


Books, 18th-century costumes, a Mount Vernon dollhouse, and more are available in the Hands-on-History Center.

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