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Do you have what it takes to lead like George Washington? In this new interactive experience, you will step into the shoes of the first president and commander in chief and make the very same decisions he had to.

This theater is closed until 2026 for an extensive rebuild of the Education Center. Be Washington is available to play online.

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Donald W. Reynolds Museum & Education Center

Do you have what it takes to lead like George Washington?

Do you have what it takes to lead like George Washington?

Experience 4 Challenging Scenarios

Discover key moments in George Washington's life and see how you stack up to the decisions he made — as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and as the first President of the United States.

Battle of Second Trenton


Your daring plan of crossing the Delaware River paid off with great military victories. As Commander in Chief, are you willing to do it again and risk your men's lives?

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Newburgh Conspiracy


Crippling debt and despair has brought the soldiers of your Continental Army to the brink of mutiny. As their Commander in Chief, how will you satisfy their legitimate demands?

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The Genet Affair


As President of the United States, will you risk the new republic by joining a world war in support of foreign allies?

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Whiskey Rebellion


An unpopular tax has your new citizens rioting and taking up arms. As President, how will you quell the rebellion while respecting their rights?

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The advisers represented in the Be Washington experience are all based on real-life historical figures from the first president's cabinet, military leaders of the Revolutionary War, and more. Learn more about these members of George Washington's most trusted inner circle.

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