Mount Vernon is open to visitors throughout the inauguration week.  We look forward to seeing you.

Discover a whole new way to see George Washington's Mount Vernon with an exciting new augmented reality tour of the estate!

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$12.50 + general admission (includes Mansion tour)

Put on a pair of augmented reality glasses and explore the estate through rich 360-degree visuals, interesting narration, period music, and atmospheric sounds. These glasses overlay digital content onto the real landscape in real time. While wearing them, you can still see the world as images and video are layered all around you.

The augmented reality tour includes information, images, audio, and video not otherwise possible in the historic area.

  • Watch as a 3D model of George Washington's home evolve from the one-and-a-half story house his father built to the grand mansion it is today.

  • See and hear the outbuildings and gardens come to life as re-enactors show some of the work assigned to the enslaved community.

  • Finally, explore how Washington's estate was saved from ruin by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association in the 1850s.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality is the overlaying of digital content onto real landscapes in real time.

2. What is a hologram?
Digital representations of historical figures.

3. How is this different from virtual reality?
Virtual reality creates a digital environment with no view of the real world, while augmented reality overlays digital content while allowing you to see the historic landscape around you.

4. What will I learn on this tour?
This tour will include a wide range of historical information, images, audio, and video not otherwise available in the historic area. This includes the evolution of the landscape and Mansion and more details about the people who lived here.

5. Will this be hard to use?
The glasses are very easy to use and require you only to press one button to start the tour. You’ll also be easily able to adjust the volume by simply pressing the volume button, but otherwise, the glasses will run the entire tour without any assistance necessary from you.

6. Will I have a guide?
This is a self-guided tour but the glasses will provide pictorial, written, and verbal instructions. If you get lost, you may ask any Mount Vernon staff member with red lanyards for help.

7. Are the glasses comfortable?
Some report the technology feel a bit heavy but this effect can be lessened by adjusting the temple arms and nosepiece to your preference. We will be happy to demonstrate how this works.

8. How long is this tour?
The tour has approximately 6 stops in the historic area of Mount Vernon runs for about one hour. You will receive your glasses upon your arrive at Mount Vernon. When booking your Mansion tour time, please ensure you have enough time to complete your AR tour. We suggest you select a Mansion tour time for at least an hour and a half after you plan to arrive. 

9. Will my child be interested in this?
The tour is appropriate for ages eight and older.

10. Will I be able to see around me?
The real world is still visible through your glasses. There is a sun visor on the glasses, which can be flipped up or down to help you see both the content and where you are going, based on how bright it is outside.

11. Will I get dizzy?
The typical user will not experience dizziness as they can still see the real world around them, and do not experience disorientation.

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