Do you have what it takes to be one of Washington's spies? Go undercover and test your spycraft skills as you explore the grounds of Mount Vernon with our new Agent 711: Revolutionary Spy Adventure App. Solve ciphers, decode messages, and tackle challenges, all for the cause of liberty, and all on your smartphone.

But be careful-- the enemy may be watching.
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Your Spy Adventure Awaits

Your mission: go undercover to assist General Washington, America’s first spymaster, by solving puzzles and searching for clues as you explore Mount Vernon... where things aren't always as they seem! Tackle eight challenges, each inspired by popular Revolutionary War-era espionage techniques, from ciphers to secret ink.

Explore the grounds of Mount Vernon through the eyes of a rebel spymaster.

How to Become a Spy for Washington

Download the app on your iOS or Android device-- either at home or on our free estate-wide wifi network-- to begin the adventure. The app is powered by iBeacon/ BLE sensors that send messages straight to your device, delivering clues and challenges as the adventure unfolds. 

Pick up your Code Book at the Ford Orientation Center. This free booklet contains some of the clues you will need to complete your mission. 

Become a Spy Master! As you solve each clue, you will be directed to the next location, where another challenge awaits. When you've completed all of the tasks, you will earn the title of "Spy Master."

Secret Tips

The game takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

While appropriate for guests of all ages, the challenges are best suited to visitors ages 8 and up.

This app uses iBeacon technology which requires us to track your location on the Estate. Please approved both foreground and background location tracking and turn on Bluetooth before opening the app.

If you (or the app) gets stuck, you can continue by pressing the menu button in the top left corner of your screen and selecting "Do It for Me".  

Once you complete your mission show a Mount Vernon staff member to receive your Spy Master bracelet. 


Funding & Support

The Agent 711: Revolutionary Spy Adventure App is sponsored by the National Society Daughters of the American Colonists.

Mount Vernon is grateful for the generous support of this organization that shares our commitment to patriotic and historical education efforts.





Download the App

The Agent 711: Revolutionary Spy Adventure App was developed by Cortina Productions in conjunction with  Mount Vernon’s New Media team. Experts from across Mount Vernon’s departments helped to develop the rich content for the App.

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