Read our engaging case studies to immerse yourself in the problems that George Washington faced, and gain insight into the decisions that started a nation.

George Washington combined the roles of visionary, strategist, and executor masterfully. Uncover the core values that drove his thoughts and actions, and use his example as an inspirational blueprint.

The Lessons in Leadership series is available on Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle devices.

These ebooks were created by the George Washington Leadership Institute, working with renowned historians and leadership scholars.

Leading Change: George Washington and Establishing the Presidency

Scholars and commentators use the first 100 days of a new US presidency as a way to measure a president’s effectiveness.  George Washington’s first 100 days is a story of incredible change as he establishes a new form of republican government in a world of kings and queens. 

Today’s leaders can follow George Washington's example and achieve real, positive change.

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Strategic Leadership: George Washington as President of the United States

Understand how Washington successfully turned a piece of paper into a functioning government while navigating a dangerous world of international war and revolution, in one of the greatest examples of strategic leadership in American history.  

Through this example of Washington’s executive leadership, readers will be inspired and reminded of best practices in integrating leadership, management, and strategy.

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Leading with Character: George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy

Washington achieved one of his greatest triumphs with words, rather than bullets or bayonets, and ultimately turned the fate of history. This case provides a conceptual understanding of character, and describes its role in exemplary leadership.

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George Washington's Lessons in Ethical Leadership

Washington defined civility during an uncivil period, showing how one person's example and deeds can make an enormous difference.  In this iBook, we take a look at how honor, virtue, and morality contribute to successful leadership.

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George Washington: Innovative Farmer & Businessman

George Washington, respected military hero, politician, and statesman, was also a successful entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial leadership highlights a unique set of characteristics and qualities different from other types of organizational leaders. This case study explores how Washington transformed Mount Vernon to a national beacon in innovative farming and commercial risk-taking.

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Preview the iBook: Leading Change

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