Take an active role in deciding history!

In this immersive experience similar to Model UN, you'll navigate international and domestic crises in 18th century America; the decisions made by the group influences the outcome of the simulation.

After the program, enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of our historical documents and rare books.

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Take a Leadership Role in 18th Century America

Washington's Cabinet puts participants in leadership roles of people who were integral in the foreign policy decisions made in 1790s Philadelphia and determine the fate of the young United States.

The group must actively work together with colleagues to manage both international and domestic crises as they take on the roles of:

  • President Washington
  • His Presidential Cabinet
  • US Senators
  • Foreign ambassadors
  • Native American leaders
  • Members of the press

A 75-Minute Experience

Washington's Cabinet is a high-stakes environment where participants examine the functions of the American government through a multitude of sources and active participation for 75 minutes.

Participants must come together and utilize important skills like persuasion, communication, conflict resolution, and organizational leadership to make decisions during a critical time in Washington's Presidency.


Once you've preserved the union or stood by as the republic collapsed, enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the Washington Library's special collection of historical documents and rare books.



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