While George Washington was fond of children, he and Martha did not have any children of their own. Despite that fact, there were always children at Mount Vernon. Together they raised Mrs. Washington’s two children as well as her four grandchildren, and several nieces and nephews.

George Washington's Step Children

John Parke Custis


John Parke Custis (known as "Jacky" when younger, and "Jack" as he got older) was around four years old when his mother married George Washington. His schoolwork often took second place in the teenager's priorities, a fact which caused his stepfather considerable grief.

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Martha Parke Custis


Known to the family as "Patsy", Martha Parke Custis had a particularly difficult life. By the time she was eleven or twelve, Patsy was plagued with seizures.

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Daniel Custis


Frances Custis


Martha Washington's eldest two children sadly died before her marriage to George Washington in 1759.

George Washington's Step Grandchildren

Elizabeth Parke Custis Law


"Eliza" was the eldest of Martha Washington's four surviving grandchildren. Eliza was born in Mount Airy, Prince George's County, Maryland. the home of her maternal grandparents.

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Martha Parke Custis Peter


Named for her grandmother and her father’s late sister, Martha Parke Custis Peter went by the nickname "Patty". She spent her earliest years at both Mount Vernon and her father’s plantation, Abingdon. 

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Eleanor Parke Custis Lewis


Eleanor Parke Custis (known as “Nelly”) was the youngest of Martha Washington’s three granddaughters. Martha Washington reported that Nelly was quite taken with life, describing her granddaughter as "a little wild creature."

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George Washington Parke Custis


Known by his grandparents as "Wash," George Washington Parke Custis was best known in his lifetime for being taken in by George and Martha Washington. He eventually became a key figure in preserving the memory and possessions of Washington. 

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Frances Parke Lewis, George Washington's Step Great-Grandchild

On George Washington’s final birthday, February 22, 1799, Eleanor “Nelly” Parke Custis and Lawrence Lewis, were married at Mount Vernon. Nine months later, their first child was born there. The current scenario in the Chintz Room commemorates the short period of “tranquil happiness” for the Washingtons.

The Chintz Room
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