Review the titles below to see the wide variety of sessions presented by George Washington Teacher Institute Residential Program alumni at the district, state, and national level. Each session connects Mount Vernon's mission and resources to community classroom needs.

George Washington: A Hero Worthy of Recognition by Today’s Students
For Librarians: How to Create Differentiated Lessons Covering George Washington’s Life and Influence Using Primary Sources, Websites, and Books  
George Washington, the Person Behind the Portrait
Comparing and Contrasting George Washington and King George III
Asking Students to Ask and Prioritize Their Questions
Contributions of Women in the 18th Century
George Washington as an Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Innovator
George Washington’s Evolving Views on Slavery
Teaching 18th Century Economy, Coin and Currency
Analyzing Objects as Primary Sources
Teaching George Washington from an Interdisciplinary Conceptual Framework
The Many Sides of Washington
What was Life Like at Mount Vernon?
George Washington’s Legacy
Integrating History into Different Disciplines and Divisions
Teaching with Place
Using Primary Sources with Struggling Readers
Celebrating George Washington’s Birthday in Your Class
Washington's Leadership Concerning the French and Indian War, the Lead up to the Revolution, and Articles of Confederation Period
Teaching George Washington Across the Grade Levels
Who's Our Daddy? A Look at the Leadership and Legacy of George Washington
What George Washington Taught Me
Bringing George Washington and Primary Sources Into the Classroom.
Making Thinking Visible in Middle School Social Studies
Founding Father Presidents
What are the Qualities that Made George Washington an Effective or Ineffective Leader
Huzzah for Martha Washington and 18th century women
Women of the Revolution
A Thinking Revolution
Teaching with Place and Objects in Incorporation Social Studies Instruction for Young Students
Who Slept Where at Mount Vernon
Women's Roles During the Revolutionary period
Teaching with Objects to Connect the Past to the Present
The importance of the George Washington portrait by Gilbert Stuart
Teaching Multiple Perspectives through Primary and Secondary Sources
President George Washington and The 12 Lakota Virtues and the 7 Qualities of a Leader 
The French and Indian War
George Washington: Making of a Military Leader
Analyzing Washington's Notes on His Copy of the Constitution 
Primary Source Activities Elementary School Teachers Can Use
Written Document Analysis
Evaluating Objects
Should George Washington attend the Constitutional Convention? If so, what should be his role?
Using the Washington Papers to Teach about George Washington 
How the life of George Washington is Relevant in Today's Society
Who Was George Washington and How Can Mount Vernon Help Me in My Classroom
Teaching Multiple Perspectives
Teaching Diverse Learners with Primary Sources
Teaching with Objects  
Playing Historical Detective
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