Mount Vernon is privately owned and will remain open in the case of a government shutdown.

After participating in the George Washington Teacher Institute Residential Program at Mount Vernon, these teachers returned to their communities and shared what they learned in their own professional development sessions.

The teachers enjoyed having a professional development directed to social studies content and teaching. Collaboration and new ideas were generated in the group. Several of the high school American History teachers were excited to hear about the Institute at Mount Vernon and everyone who had visited in the past has positive comments. Using Washington from the French and Indian War perspective allowed some more connections for the World History teachers.

- Stacy Garber, Pennsylvania

Teachers had no idea about using primary source documents and loved the idea. They also loved learning about Washington, and they're all clamoring to come see you! 

- Jenna Logerwell, Oregon 

I presented the painting of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart of the president. We did a photo walk and I asked the participants to tell me what they saw, then what they were thinking was happening or what the painting represented, and what they wondered. I encouraged them to use the same strategy with primary and secondary documents. I also shared the mission of Mt Vernon, my wonderful experiences with the teacher institute,  and encouraged them to apply as well.

- Amy Gordon, Arkansas

I showed how to use a map from the archives of Mt. Vernon (or any historic map) and make it transparent, then lay it over the Google Satellite image of the property today to see how they match up.  This allowed participants to see some environmental changes caused by the water flow around Mt. Vernon, but also see how Washington used his property and those nearby that he purchased later to their fullest.

- Nancy Moeller, Georgia

We used the virtual tour to use the mansion and surround to discuss place as source. Teachers then utilized the Mount Vernon Collections and chose an object to simulate our activity from the estate. Handouts were provided, as well as links shared out to the resources that were made available to us.

- Matthew Van Horn, Missouri

Teachers were grateful to receive the abundant resources.  Several expressed interest in applying for the Institute and all appreciated the new perspective given by the resources and discussion. Some participants were already on the mailing list for Mt. Vernon.

- Cynthia Cheatwood, Florida

I really enjoyed participating in this presentation and found that teachers were genuinely interested in the lesson plans and applying to The Institute. Since that time many teachers have approached me privately and inquired more The Institute and the teacher's workshop. I have found myself connecting my lessons with the concepts I learned at The George Washington Institute regularly.

- Melanie Smethers, Ohio

I have had several teachers approach me to help them adapt what I presented, using subject matter of different time periods. I am also in talks with the Social Studies department at my school to create a comprehensive unit of the life and legacy of George Washington.

- Jessica Colburn, Oregon

Teachers were amazed that they had never heard of this wonderful learning experience.

- Angela Doty, Mississippi

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