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Rhode Island teachers are invited to register for a FREE workshop in Providence hosted by George Washington's Mount Vernon and the Rhode Island Historical Society. This opportunity has been made possible through the generous support of the June Rockwell Levy Foundation at the Rhode Island Foundation.

Date and Time


The John Brown House - Rhode Island Historical Society

Join George Washington's Mount Vernon and the Rhode Island Historical Society for a FREE one-day workshop in Providence, Rhode Island. Educators teaching the American Revolution and the Founding Era will explore the unique role Rhode Island played in these formative events in the history of the United States. Tours and hands-on workshops will introduce direct classroom application opportunities and bring to life historical characters of the 18th century such as George Washington and John Brown. Dr. Denver Brunsman, Associate Professor of History at The George Washington University will serve as the Washington scholar for this workshop. 

PLEASE NOTE: Payment for participation is available for the first 20 registrants. 



9:00am LECTURE: George Washington, Rhode Island, and the American Revolution
10:00am Walking Tour of Revolutionary War Sites in Providence, Rhode Island
11:15am LECTURE: Rhode Island's Role in the Ratification of the Constitution
12:00pm Lunch (Provided) and Exploration of Digital Resources
1:00pm Tour of the John Brown House
2:00pm  Primary Source Workshop