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Apply now for a special funding opportunity to celebrate Freedom Week and Constitution Day for schools in Texas. Funding to support this program is provided by the Beaumont Foundation of America and Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bookout III.

Grant Application Deadline

George Washington’s Mount Vernon supports the celebration of Freedom Week and Constitution Day throughout the state of Texas. Learning about the struggles to create the Constitution, the ongoing journey to continue to create “a more perfect union,” and the lasting impact on our nation and the world provides great opportunities for students to participate in patriotic and historically relevant programs in your school. 

We welcome teachers from Texas to apply for up to $1000 in funding to help achieve successful programming during Freedom Week 2017 that highlights George Washington's role in the historic events that led to the writing of the Constitution and the formation of our nation. Proposals that incorporate George Washington's biography into their proposal will be given first consideration.


Grant Application Process

Educators interested in applying for a grant must complete and submit the following:

  • Online Application The online application should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete once the required documents are ready to submit. It requires the applicant to upload PDFs of the following: a project proposal, project budget, and two letters of recommendation. Please Note: Applications must be completed in one sitting. Have all your materials ready before starting the application.
  • Project Proposal Include intended outcomes and audiences for the project, as well as the specific educational needs the project will address. Proposals should also address the following requirements:
    • Projects must take place at a school that recognizes Freedom Week and Constitution Day. 
    • Projects must reach students school-wide and not be limited to one class or grade.
    • Proposals that incorporate George Washington's biography into their project will be given first consideration.
  • Project Budget Include a budget of how funds received from George Washington's Mount Vernon will be used. Budget for Mount Vernon funds cannot exceed $1000. 
  • Letters of Support Projects must have support from both a school administrator and history or civics educator/specialist. Applicants may write their own letter of support if they are the administrator or the only teacher involved in the planning of the project.
    • Please provide one letter of support from an administrator that speaks to the proposed project.
    • Please provide one letter of support from a history or civics educator/specialist who is involved in the planning of the project. 

A More Perfect Union

Mount Vernon has recently created a new education video on the role George Washington played in the creation of the Constitution. A More Perfect Union uses dynamic graphics, powerful storytelling, and historical sources to communicate the important lessons from the Constitutional Convention in compelling ways. To accompany the film, a new slate of interactive activities that support classroom use will be available by September 2017. 

Watch the Video