Does your Colonial Days program need a refresh? Do you want to infuse more primary sources, more diverse perspectives on the past, more gritty realism for the challenges the people of the 18th century faced? Explore the links on this hub page to inspire and strengthen the historical authenticity of your Colonial Days program!


Living in 18th-century North America was a daily struggle. No matter your wealth or standing, each day was made up of critical decisions about food, shelter, and clothing that would impact your ability to survive to the next year. 

Surviving is more than material comforts. Communicating and sharing cultural norms is also necessary for a community. Many of the things we cherish most about the 18th century (the spreading of revolutionary ideas) can be illuminated by exploring with students the way people shared information. 

Explore resources related to teaching about food, clothing, and communication. These three critical themes for survival in the 18th century will infuse your colonial lesson plans and activities with multiple perspectives on the historical reality at the time. Use this engaging and immersive time to help students see the challenges people who lived then overcame. 

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