By 1787, the union between the states was unraveling. To save the young nation, delegates from 12 states met in Philadelphia and, with George Washington presiding, created a new form of government.

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5 Issues at the Convention

5 Issues at the Convention

The new nation was hanging on by a thread with a weak Articles of Confederation and growing conflicts between the states.  Without resolution on these issues the new nation would certainly be in peril.

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Why Didn’t Washington Become King?

After being elected the first president of the United States, George Washington had the option to stay president after his first term. CEO and president of Mount Vernon Douglas Bradburn talks about the significance of this decision, why George Washington did it, and how it was a reflection of the newly formed society.

Why Didn’t President Washington Abolish Slavery?

When serving as President of the United States, why did George Washington choose not to end the institution of slavery in American?

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