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Gifts For The Greatest Impact

From 1754 to 1799, George Washington called Mount Vernon home. In 1853, Ann Pamela Cunningham and a group of like-minded patriotic women formed the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, which raised the funds necessary to preserve the estate. More than 150 years after Cunningham’s call to save Washington’s home, Mount Vernon stands as a symbol of the life and legacy of the Father of our Country, as well as a testament to the perseverance of one of the first historic preservation groups ever formed.

Creative Ways to Support Washington's Home

  • Discover ways to give you may not have thought possible, while you enjoy increased income, tax savings and other benefits.
  • Make your gifts today, or through plans that first allow you to provide financial security for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Add meaning to your gift by designating it to honor or memorialize someone special to you.
  • Enjoy your giving more, knowing that you are supporting Mount Vernon in ways that maximize your giving potential.

Thanks to your generosity, Mount Vernon will benefit millions of future visitors who, by experiencing Washington’s home, will understand the extraordinary life and vision of our nation’s first president.

Mount Vernon Planned Giving Donor

George Washington sacrificed much in assuring this country's founding and eventual prominence as a beacon to mankind.  I appreciate the history of how Mount Vernon came to be restored and preserved for future generations.  I have only made a few visits but am always impressed by the efforts that have made his estate so rich with not only GW's history, but also the history of his times. My modest bequest is the least I can do to thank our first president for his service to our country. 
-Brian Tennant

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