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Gardener's House

In the fall of 2005, staff of Mount Vernon’s Restoration Department began the arduous process of restoring the building to its 18th-century appearance. This entailed removing several layers of modern walls and ceilings, relocating a variety of defunct utility systems, and exposing what remained of the framing and other original elements. Almost miraculously, given the number and the extent of the interventions that had occurred over the years, a large portion of the framing was found to survive. In addition, the original fireplace had simply been blocked in, and the chimney was virtually intact. Careful investigations revealed evidence indicating the position of the board partition wall, for shelves on either side of the chimney, and for the original door openings in the main partition. All of these features and a variety of others have been restored to their 18-century character, and the first floor of the space once again looks much like it did more than 200 years ago. 

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