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Mount Vernon's Department of Historic Preservation & Collections is tasked with researching and maintaining the buildings, archaeological sites, furnishings and cultural landscape to ensure that both the buildings and grounds appear as George Washington intended.

Archaeologists work within the historic preservation division supervising the ongoing program of excavation and research into the underground remains of Washington's eighteenth-century plantation. Excavations at sites as diverse as the House for Families slave quarter, a trash dump behind the kitchen and Washington's distillery are redefining ideas of what daily life at Mount Vernon was like and how the plantation operated.

The Architectural team seeks to maintain the historic fabric of Mount Vernon's Mansion and outbuildings. They are primarily concerned with restoring the architectural elements like the Palladian window or cupola, restoring buildings like the servants' hall to their 18th-century appearance and conducting research on the original paint colors or graining techniques.

Preservation Staff Contacts

Esther White, Ph.D.
Director of Historic Preservation

Eleanor Breen, M.A.
Deputy Director of Archaeology

Deputy Director of Architecture

Luke Pecoraro, M.A.
Assistant Director of Archaeological Research

Karen Price
Historic Preservation Laboratory Manager

Leah Stricker

Lynn Price
George Washington Papers

Architectural Conservator

Preservation Specialist

Geographical Information Systems Manager

Archaeological Collections Online Manager

Email addresses are first initial and last name @ mountvernon dot org