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Servants' Hall

In 1775 George Washington instructed his plantation manager and cousin, Lund Washington to tear down the Wash House and build a new building on the west front of the Mansion.  This new building, the Servants' Hall, housed the servants of visitors to Mount Vernon and also served briefly as the quarters for plantation manager William Pearce and his family in the 1790s.

Mount Vernon's Servants' Hall is unusual and not one of the outbuildings typically found on an eighteenth-century plantation.  Its size and location next to the Mansion illustrates George Washington's wealth and ambition and is important in understanding Washington's vision for his estate.  Discover more about the importance of the Servants' Hall.

Restoration of the Servants' Hall during in 1998 returned this space to its appearance in 1799.  During the restoration, archaeological and historical research uncovered details about this building and earlier Wash House.