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Ford Orientation Center

Start your Mount Vernon experience in the Ford Orientation Center by planning your visit with help from our Guest Services staff. Maps in 11 languages, annual passes and audio tours are also available in the Orientation Center.

Don't miss We Fight to Be Free, an 18-minute mini-epic that shows pivotal moments from Washington's life. This adventure movie was filmed by a Hollywood firm and produced for the two surround-sound stadium seating theaters in the Orientation Center.

Mount Vernon in Miniature, an exact replica of the Washingtons’ home on a one-inch-to-one-foot scale, is a unique masterpiece that includes such intricate details as turning door knobs, windows that open, and illuminating candles. Each of the 22 rooms are authentically appointed with miniature copies of the stylish furnishings that are featured in the Mansion.

The Ford Orientation Center is made possible by the generous support of Ford Motor Company. Through support of this facility, the company continues its longstanding partnership with Mount Vernon, which began with the donation of Mount Vernon's first fire engine in 1923.