Our Revolutionary War Theater 4-D experience can be found within our Education Center. This fast-paced, 4-D production traces General Washington's important military victories at Boston, Trenton, and Yorktown.

Closed for a new production coming in December 2017



Closed for Renovations

Currently Closed as we Refresh our Production launching December 2017

Representing the course of the Revolutionary War, it combines concise narration, changing battle maps, and visual effects to create a "strategy and tactics" show that evokes a sense of actual conditions and events. When cannons fire, for example, seats vibrate and "smoke" wafts through the room. Fog drifts through the theater at three key moments to help dramatize how the Americans used inclement weather to their advantage in several battles. When Washington and his troops cross the Delaware River, "snow" falls from above the viewers and dissipates just before landing on them.

Further enhancing the impact are stadium-style seating and ultra-high-definition video, projected on a pair of large, angled screens-- on val, the other rectangular. The veteran IMAX film team at Dennis Earl Moore Productions in Brooklyn Heights, New York, created the multimedia presentation and designed the screen and theater configurations.

Coming December 2017

A New Film & Special Effects in the Revolutionary War Theater

The Revolutionary War Theater—where cannons fire and snow falls every day—is one of Mount Vernon’s most popular attractions. Here our guests learn about George Washington and the three campaigns – Boston, Trenton, and Yorktown—that led to victory in the War for Independence.

In early 2018, Mount Vernon will be introducing a brand new 4D experience, designed to bring these historical moments to life.  The new media presentation, infused with cutting edge animations, powerful 4D effects, and gripping live action sequences, will make you feel like you are standing right with Washington. 

This new presentation is generously sponsored by the Robert H. Smith Family Foundation.

Watch The Winter Patriots

This online feature follows Washington and his Continental Army as it crosses the Delaware and attacks Trenton.

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