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Planted at Mount Vernon

  • Pioneer Farm

  • Hardiness Zones

    This plant is used for the production of its leaves, which provide the tobacco which goes into cigarettes, cigars and other forms. It can also be used as an ornamental, with its dramatic height and delicate pink flowers


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    Latin Name

    Nicotiana tabacum



    Type of Plant





    Max Height: 6'
    Max Spread: 3'


  • Crop

  • Sunlight Exposure

    Full Sun


    Do not ingest
    Harmful to pets


    Native Range



    Washington wrote to George Augustine Washington regarding the planting of tobacco in 1789, saying, "Although a precise number of Tobacco Hills is, by my general directions, allotted to each Plantation yet my real intention is, that no more ground shall be appropriated to this Crop than what is either naturally very good (for which purpose small spots may be chosen) or which can be made strong by manure of some kind or another for my object is to labour for profit, and therefore to substitute quality instead of quantity there being (except in the article of manuring) no difference between attending a good Plant and an indifferent one—but in any event let the precise number of hills be ascertained that an estimate may be formed of their yield to the thousand."

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    Grown by Washington
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