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A new first-person interactive experience
Opening February 12, 2018

Do you have what it takes
to lead like Washington?

In this new interactive experience you will step into the shoes of the first president and commander and chief and make the very same decisions he had to.

Take Command

Discover key moments in Washington's life and see how you stack up to the decisions Washington made.

Hear from Washington's Trusted Advisors

Take a seat at your own interactive kiosk, and advisers like Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison will appear on your screen. Choose whose counsel you wish to hear and consider their advice on real challenges in real history. From there, it’s your turn to act—and then to learn how Washington handled the same dilemma.

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Make the Decision

Rate the influence of your advisors and then decide what should be done.

  • Coming in February 2018

    Located inside the Donald W. Reynolds Museum & Education Center, the Be Washington Interactive Theater will provide an experience like no other as the events of the revolutionary war and presidency come alive on our massive 6K-resolution screen.

    • Included With Admission

      Free for all Guests

    • Sponsored By

      The Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.

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