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Mount Vernon Estate of Colours Collection Fan Deck

Mount Vernon Estate of Colours Collection Fan Deck

Price: $50.00


The Mount Vernon Estate of Colours collection was created from the rich legacy of color of one of America’s most historic and beloved homes.  Inspired by the past, these rich and vibrant hues are as relevant and exciting today as they were more than two centuries ago.  Mount Vernon and Fine Paints of Europe are honored to offer these colors for use in American homes today.
Washington’s diaries and letters reveal intricate details regarding his hand-on approach and passion for beautifying his home.  George Washington, who inspired a nation, was himself inspired by beauty, design, and bright, bold color.  Nearly 30 of these colors are painstakingly duplicated directly from the Mansion’s interior, while period artifacts are the inspiration for many of the other colors in the Estate of Colours collection.

Mount Vernon has developed a special relationship with Fine Paints of Europe, who has generously donated their high-performance paints and expertise to George Washington's Mount Vernon.  All colors are available in a complete range of odorless acrylic, traditional alkyd and low-VOC waterborne alkyd formulations
Mount Vernon Estate of Colours fan deck depicts all 120 colors accurately on large professional chips. 

For more information about Fine Paints of Europe, please visit their website at:, or call 1-800-332-1556.

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