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Mount Vernon Commemorative Antiqued Pewter Spoon

Mount Vernon Commemorative Antiqued Pewter Spoon

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George Washington was born in 1732 at Popes Creek Plantation in Westmoreland County, Virginia.  Three years later, his father Augustine moved the family to Little Hunting Creek Plantation and built a small house.  The Plantation was later renamed Mount Vernon.  The family moved again a few years later, but young George returned to Mount Vernon while he was in his teens to live with his older half brother Lawrence.  After Lawrence’s death, George Washington acquired the estate in 1754 and significantly enlarged and expanded the home.

The beautiful east front of the Mansion is shown on the top of the spoon.  On the bottom, symbolizing the thirteen original states, the thirteen stars on this commemorative solid pewter spoon represent the stars on the flag of the United States when Washington became president.  The profile of Washington is taken from the bust of Washington done from life in 1785 by French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon.  This image is regarded as the best likeness of George Washington. Measures 4 ½” long and is crafted in America.

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