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Hollyhock Seed Pack

Hollyhock Seed Pack

Price: $3.00

Alcea Rosea.  Hollyhock is a biennial, meaning it will not bloom until its second season.  It exhibits tall stately spikes covered with large ruffled flowers from July through September.  They make excellent accent plants and look best when grown in rows against a wall, fence, or garage.  Hollyhocks are easily grown and like full sun.

Sow the seed four to six weeks before the last spring frost is expected, then transplant out doors.  If your winters are not too severe, sow the seed in summer then transplant in the fall for bloom the following year.  Sown seed will take two to three weeks to germinate.  Hollyhock is a very old flower.  It was growing in the Orient in 1573.

Heirloom seeds are collected, cleaned and packaged by hand at Mount Vernon.


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